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Character Reveal: A Hero's Epic Journey To Return Home


Clever is chosen to deliver a golden glass scroll to the king and is banished to Dark World by an evil immortal. On Dark World, Clever discovers ancient artifacts that give him the ability to harness poetic cosmic energy powerful enough to save earth from a cosmic doomsday weapon.

Character Profile

The concept of Forever Man is an upcoming fantasy/action/adventure screenplay that can be developed into a feature-length film, television series, theater play, and comic book.

Name: Glenn C. Clever

Alias: Forever Man, Clever Clever, Battle Boy

Ethnicity: Black

Age: 50

Height: 6'2''

Origin Story:

To save his life, Clever's mother left him on earth in the care of two mortals. Clever grew up in the royal family and clergy. He was secretly trained as a knight and mentored as a clergy's apprentice. As the king's favorite poet, Clever is well-known for his mysterious poetic performance. Clever is naive of his immortal family history, and the only thing that connects him to his past is the strange marks of a phoenix bird located in the palm of both his hands. 

Place of Origin: Ithaca, Urora,

Super PowersMaster of poetic energy 

How: Recites poetic words to manipulate time, space, and divine energy

Weapons: Eternity's Eyes, Dog Tag Amulet, Bracelets of Stone, Sword of Sadness, Boots of Light

Children: 4 boys

Author Interview with Glenn E. Lee
Book Title: Forever Man - Epic Origin Novel

Marvel At This!

Film Investor Pitch Deck | Creative Development

Genius in a Bottle is a startup enterprise, whose primary purpose is to develop and produce the Forever Man feature-length fantasy/action/adventure screenplay into a motion picture for theatrical distribution (Domestic, International, and Worldwide markets).

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