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Genius In A Bottle LLC is seeking Highly Qualified Film Investors for the Forever Man Feature-Length Movie. ​View Forever Man Film Investor Pitch Deck & Presentation Online.

Genius in a Bottle, LLC is a startup enterprise and its primary purpose is to develop and produce the Forever Man feature-length Fantasy/Action/Adventure screenplay into a motion picture for theatrical distribution (Domestic, International, Worldwide markets).

Investor Instructions


View Forever Man Film Investor Pitch Deck Presentation Online.

1.  Click the Contact Us button and fill out the requested information. Type in Subject: Business Plan. Type in the Message: Requesting Forever Man Business Plan Non-Disclosure Document.


2.  Once you have examined our Forever Man Pitch Deck Presentation and wish to proceed, you may request a Non-Disclosure Agreement to examine our Business Plan Proposal. We will email you a Non-Disclosure Agreement.


3.  Download the email Non-Disclosure document and print out a hard copy.


4.  Sign and date the Non-Disclosure hard copy anywhere in the space below the Controlled Copy information.


5.  After you you have signed and dated your Non-Disclosure Document, scan the document; convert it into a PDF file and upload the PDF file to your email; send the Non-Disclosure document back to us at:


6.  Once we have received the signed Non-Disclosure Document, we will email you a PDF Version of our Business Proposal Plan.

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Forever Man Epic Origin Novel. Order today!

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