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Genius In A Bottle, LLC - Glenn Lee



We are at this moment planning to produce a superhero movie entitled “The Audition.”  The movie is a short adaptation based on the trilogy feature-length screenplay entitled Forever Man.

To assist in funding the entire production, which is based on our Business Model, we are seeking Brand Sponsorship, Celebrity Endorsements, Investors & Angel Investors, Business and Community Support. We are inclusive in our Sponsorship Tier Structure to give everyone an opportunity to participate in a Poetic Superhero Cinematic  Film Production. The benefit to sponsors that offer us financial contributions is as follows:

1st Tier Contributors:

$1,000 & up will be listed in the film’s End Credits as Co-Producers.

2nd Tier Contributors:

$100 - $999 will be listed in the film’s End Credits as Sponsors.

3rd Tier Contributors:

Food/Catering/Water/juice, (T-Shirts with “Movie:


The Audition” on the  front side & “Genius in a Bottle Film Production” printed on back side, Marketing Material, etc.) will be listed in the film’s End Credits as Sponsors.

4th Tier Contributors:

$1 - $100 will be listed in the film’s End Credits as Appreciations.


Greetings, my name is Glenn Lee; I am an author, screenwriter, and member of a Film Management Team at Genius in a Bottle LLC. We are a startup company that includes publishing, licensing, and film production.


Project Name:

The Audition

Tentative Film Date:

TBA in 2023


Greater Miami, Florida




An unsuspecting poet is chosen by an immortal goddess to save the world.



Clever’s mundane life is about to drastically change. This urban poet is unaware that two immortals have arrived on earth. One is seeking to honor him, and the other is hunting him. Thinking he finally landed an acting gig, Clever is ensnared into a poetic adventure of transformation. It’s a race against time to see who will find him first! 


Our purpose is to amplify awareness in the film industry that there is a lack of lead female roles and racial diversity which impacts public self-esteem and identity.


Our organization’s current accomplishments include, but are not limited to, the Forever Man:

• Epic Origin Novel

• 1st Edition Comic Book

• Voice Over Animation Audible Sound file

• Crypto Comic Book Art

• Movie Song Soundtrack

• Movie Rap Song Soundtrack



My film team and I are conducting Location Scouting for the film and seeking your permission to film scenes at your establishment's location which may include the following areas: office & desk, restroom , inside restaurant, club stage,  sidewalk and/or outside scenic throughway.


We plan to enter the film into 1st Tier and 2nd Tier film festivals, market film to major studios, and seek lead talent to bring star appeal to the film. Since major industry distributors and streaming services scout popular film festivals for buzz-worthy submissions, our goal is to seek partnership and/or alliance deals in this venue. Implementing this film marketing strategy will get sponsors more publicity. I invite you to further view our “The Audition” webpage.  I thank you graciously for your time.




Glenn E. Lee, Founder & CEO

Genius in a Bottle LLC

Cell: (754) 204-4091


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